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&Repeat is a Swedish startup striving to make the world more circular. We believe there is a need for a different mindset and new capabilities in order to speed up the transformation towards a world where resources are treated as they ARE - Finite.
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29k is a non profit tech start up on a mission to make transformational growth available to everyone. We merge science and technology to scale positive psychology, helping people to grow what we call the super skills of the 21st century: Curiosity, Perspective Taking, Empathy, Sense-making and Self-Determination.
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Founded in 2013, Alight is the leading solar Power Purchase Agreement provider in the Nordics. We are committed to helping large corporations save money and do good, now and in the long term, through sustainable solar technology. We build, operate and own solar projects, onsite and offsite, across Europe. With a focused team specializing in solar PPAs, we are dedicated to bringing success to the corporations across Europe we partner with through solar power.
Ambitious.Africa is an initiative bringing African and Nordic youth together to take Africa to the next level. Working together providing high-quality education for future African educators and top-level business development support for local entrepreneurs. Ambitious.Africa is an initiative, primarily consisting of Nordic student-lead entrepreneurial societies. The initiative is growing rapidly and now the organization needs ambitious Nordic students to work in the national operations in collaboration with local African counterparts. This is a unique opportunity to learn by doing while being supported by a community of young doers, experienced entrepreneurs, the private sector, and government entities.
We are a Swedish technology company with a vision for all products to be made from renewable resources and with a mission to accelerate that transition.
Bluu is Europe’s leader in cultivated seafood. We envision a future where culinary traditions can be enjoyed for generations to come, without threatening animal well-being, human health, or our planet’s fragile marine ecosystems. To make this vision a reality, we develop and produce delicious seafood directly from fish cells using advanced biotechnology - no farms, no hooks, no nets.
Boostified Pay - a payment solution where consumers can pay with genuine recommendations on their social media accounts. Get user generated content, brand awareness and build a strong community of people who love your brand.
Bower’s vision is to make recycling a rewarding no-brainer and create a world free from trash. We’ve developed a world-unique mobile app that rewards recycling of all consumer packaging at regular recycling bins.
Bright Sunday was founded in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since the start we have been fully focused on lowering global CO2 emissions by making the cleantech transformation easy and profitable for commercial and industrial customers. Our business is to offer solar as a service – we make the investment, take care of the PV system and our customers only pay for the electricity at a flat cost per kWh. This way, our customers can cut costs and CO2 emissions and strengthen their brands while focusing 100% of their time and capital on their core business. At Bright Sunday we believe that simplicity in combination with open communication and fair contractual terms is the winning recipe for long-term win-win relationships.
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CELLINK is proud to be a part of BICO, the world’s leading bioconvergence company. By releasing the first universal bioink in 2016, CELLINK democratized the cost of entry for researchers around the world and played a major role in turning the then up-and-coming field of 3D bioprinting into a thriving $1 billion industry. The company’s best-in-class bioinks, bioprinters, software and services are trusted by the foremost academics in a range of applications, from 3D cell culturing to tissue engineering to drug development, and have been cited in over 700 publications. Furthermore, more than 1,000 laboratories, including ones at the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, are using these award-winning innovations. As part of BICO’s bioconvergence revolution, CELLINK is dedicated to making the on-demand bioprinting of human organs and tissues a future reality and creating the future of health.
Sweden based technology company dedicated to accelerate the transition from a fossil fueled to a prosperous carbon neutral economy.
The online procurement platform where restaurants connect directly with hundreds of independent food and drink producers. Food sourcing sorted.