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VP Sales EMEA | Datacenter

Submer - Datacenters That Make Sense

Submer - Datacenters That Make Sense

Sales & Business Development
harrow, uk
Posted on Monday, November 20, 2023
Location & work modality: UK,

Start: ASAP

Type of Contract: Full Time / Permanent

Travel Requirements: Approximately 40% across the EMEA Region

About Submer

Submer plays at the juncture, in the disruptive world of next generation cooling for IT equipment, also known as immersion cooling or liquid submersion cooling. This cutting-edge technology is used in data centers and high-performance computing environments to efficiently and effectively cool electronic components, such as servers and other IT equipment. In this scenario, Sales drives adoption, sizing, and engagements with customers, account relationships. Specifically, in the Datacenter space, the candidate will challenge historic supply chains and industry inertia to move from air cooling while positioning Submer as a thought and operations leader in the space.

Submer's immersion cooling solutions are transformational in the field of data center infrastructure and cooling technologies. They are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of data centers by enhancing cooling efficiency. The solutions utilize dielectric fluids or coolants to submerge servers and other IT equipment, allowing for more efficient heat dissipation while reducing the need for large, energy-intensive air conditioning systems.

About The Role And The Candidate

As the Vice President of Sales, you will play a pivotal role in driving Submer’s growth through the creation of a high-impact direct sales team focused Hyperscalers, colocation/large enterprise players and smaller enterprises Immersion cooling. Working closely with our Senior and Executive Leaders, you will drive our new business and customer lifetime value sales strategy.


The role is crucial in leading and managing the market. The responsibilities are diverse and include setting, distributing, and achieving sales targets, developing sales strategies, and ensuring the sales team's effectiveness. Here are some key roles and responsibilities typically associated with the VP Sales position:

  • Hyperscalers: To effectively engage with Hyperscalers, including who to hire and when to hire, prioritizing Submer's engagement with them is crucial. This prioritization should be based on the global adoption of the technology by Hyperscalers. Learning from each engagement to unlock valuable insights into the specific criteria that must be met and the various approval stages that need to be navigated, including identifying the key individuals who must be influenced in the supply chain.
  • Co-locators and their ecosystem: This involves qualifying and evaluating three types of GTM opportunity:
    • Hunting across the ecosystem of allocated target accounts.
    • Geographic locale for incoming leads relating to target accounts.
    • Windfall opportunities that you come across through networking.
  • On premise Enterprise Customer: On a regional basis support sales opportunities to enterprise customers who are looking to host their own High Performance Compute solutions.
  • Sales Strategy Development: Developing and implementing a comprehensive sales strategy that outlines the approach for reaching the sales targets. This may include market segmentation, pricing strategies, and product positioning based on the 3 target segments.
  • Setting Sales Targets: The VP of Sales is responsible for setting clear and achievable individual sales targets and revenue goals for the company. These targets will align with the overall business objectives of Submer for the region.
  • Sales Team Leadership: Leading, motivating, and managing the sales team. This involves hiring, training, and coaching sales representatives to maximize their performance.
  • Sales Process Optimization: Continuously improving and optimizing the sales process to increase efficiency and productivity. This may involve implementing new tools and technologies to streamline sales operations.
  • Sales Forecasting: Developing accurate sales forecasts based on market trends, historical data, and other relevant factors. These forecasts are essential for resource allocation and planning.
  • Market Analysis: Keeping a close eye on market trends, competitor activities, and industry developments to identify opportunities and threats. Adjusting sales strategies accordingly.
  • Performance Metrics: Establishing and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the sales team's performance. This includes metrics like conversion rates, sales cycle length, and customer acquisition costs.
  • Sales Training and Development: Providing ongoing training and development opportunities for the sales team to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Collaboration with Other Departments: Working closely with other departments like marketing, product development, and customer support to ensure alignment and cooperation in achieving overall business objectives.
  • Reporting to Senior Management: Providing regular reports and updates to senior management and stakeholders on sales performance, strategy implementation, and market insights.
  • Sales Ethics and Compliance: Ensuring that all sales activities are conducted ethically and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Customer Feedback and Improvement: Gathering feedback from customers and using it to make necessary improvements in the sales process, product offerings, and customer service.
Candidate Specific Competences

To Perform In This Job, You’ll Likely Have

  • 15 years of relevant professional experience
  • Track record of high performance in prior roles
  • Solid understanding of partnerships and alliances and how they can create value for the business.
  • Effective manager with experience owning a business function.
  • A versatile player-coach, with track record of leading and developing both a sales leadership and sales and business development representatives. Be comfortable overseeing an inside sales team and be able and willing to directly manage relationships with large accounts.
  • Work-related experience with a company growing revenues from $1M to $100M+.
  • Established contacts and relationships with potential channel partners.
  • Commitment to exceed customer expectations and contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational levels.
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task and work in a dynamic, fast-paced setting.
  • Proven ability to work well under pressure and handle stress personally and professionally
  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, software engineering, computer science, or related field
  • Languages: Native English required and other languages as Spanish will be valued.


  • Competitive salary
  • Interesting Commission Plan
  • Great work environment

Who We Are Hiring

Join us in our continuous quest to grow a diverse and extraordinarily innovative team!

Submer is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran status, or any other protected category under applicable law.

"Submer was born in 2015 from two brilliant and original minds, Daniel Pope and Pol Valls, to make operating and constructing data centers more sustainable and efficient.

Our Mission is to build sustainable and future-proof digital infrastructures to create a better and fairer world with sustainable technology."