Manufacturing Engineer - Technology Expert



Gdańsk, Poland
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Job Description

Manufacturing Engineer – Technology Expert is responsible for the deployment of new manufacturing processes to serial production. They are experts or specialists in a specific field of manufacturing technology. Working with the Development teams they will define a process specification, review serial production solutions, and test the solutions on both supplier and factory sites. They will be responsible for the validation of the process prior to the product is released to our customers.

Key responsibilities:
• Deployment of new manufacturing processes and technologies for new products.
• Definition of a process deployment plan for process technology plotting the maturity of a process
from prototype validation to production verification.
• Execution of process validation activities, including DOEs, to confirm process window and confirm
process on serial equipment.
• Consult with development teams to confirm manufacturability for process technology in a serial
• Completion of process validation to ensure start of production and delivery to customers.
• Standardisation of process solutions and validation methods to ensure consistency across
• Core contribution to PFMEA activities to ensure completion.
• Handover of operation of the process to operational teams.
• Technical approval of process changes in production within agreed process window
• Identify and evaluate process improvement areas through data analysis and interpretation.
• Approver of serial process technology solution designs and contribution to supplier selection for
equipment and components.
• Second line of production support for all processes.
• Perform other tasks assigned by manager.