Senior Material Engineer - Cathode



västerås, sweden
Posted on Saturday, May 11, 2024

Job Description

Northvolt has an exciting job offer for an experienced cathode engineers to join our stellar/bold/passionate team in Västerås.

As an expert of cathode active material, you will work for developing CAM for EV batteries. The development of cathode active materials requires passionate action and a creative approach. You should have experience in designing cathode active material and be familiar with evaluating lithium-ion batteries. The works will be carried out with the consultation of senior engineers.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Active material evaluation in its physicochemical aspects including PSA, Re-Li, BET, TD, PD, KF, DSC, XRD, SEM in collaboration with QC lab.

  • Basic Slurry mixing and evaluation: acquiring basic mixing information for successful cathode slurry coating.

  • Basic electrode fabrication and evaluation such as electrolyte soaking, spring back, and adhesion test.

  • Basic cell fabrication and evaluation: especially coin cell fabrication and evaluation will be essential, it should be followed up and summarized by cathode engineers.

  • Electrochemical tests including EIS, Li plating, rate capability, cyclability, high temperature, and low-temperature characteristics: data organization and analysis will be very important part since it will give a clue to a selection of material and also the direction of improvement.

The person we are looking for is strongly goal-oriented, curious, and eager to learn. You will get the chance to have a real impact on our success story in Sweden (to start with) and see the results of your work. Our organization requires and values great self-discipline and natural talent to make things happen. The electrolyte engineer is a vital member of the cell design team and a key to Northvolt's mission to enable the future of energy.

Apply with CV and your complete LinkedIn profile.

Full-time employment, fixed salary.