TechOps - Terraform Engineer (Hybrid)



Gdańsk, Poland
Posted on Friday, May 10, 2024

Job Description

Northvolt is looking for TechOps Engineers to join our IT team. As a TechOps Engineer, you will be contributing towards building one of the first large scale European battery factories, which will play an important role in the transformation to a carbon free society.

We work with a "cloud-first"-mindset which presents us with unique and interesting challenges, pushing the traditional ways of working in manufacturing. We have a ruthless focus on automating all our IT infrastructure and processes and applying IaC or IaC-like philosophy to each and every aspect of it.

We know that many different names are given to this role in other companies, and your experience likely spans a variety of areas. It is likely that in the past you have had titles like SysAdmin, SysOps, System Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer , DevOps engineer, SRE engineer or even System Architect. It is also very likely that you have significant experience with both *nix and Win platforms, and probably even a bit of networking.

We are a new company with great plans and great people. We are constantly figuring out solutions to new types of problems. If you are a problem solver, this is for you! Come join us on our journey of transforming the world.

Things you will do :

  • Design, test and deploy infrastructure to operate a modern factory producing large amounts of data and connected batteries daily and be at the cutting edge of a so-called 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.
  • Bring best practices from various technical disciplines to industrial world and be part of optimization and value-added engineering of products, services and solutions.
  • Simply put, you would be helping us bring industry up to speed with technology.
  • Work to develop and help to document Northvolt’s processes around design, provisioning and deployment of our complete IT and IoT infrastructure.
  • Work with the InfoSec team to continuously test, monitor, and improve the security of our IT and IoT infrastructure.
  • Work with our networking team implementing SDN and IaC automation principles in our industrial, building and private & public cloud networks.
  • Collaborate with the senior engineering and product development teams
  • Constantly evaluate and provide early adopters feedback for some of their flagship products and services.
  • Share the platform (tools & competence) and work closely with our DevOps team. We like to think that our TechOps is very similar to our DevOps, just a tiny bit more fun!
  • We find ways to automate things that are not meant to be automated.

  • Work with all our IT teams to help build out the right enterprise architecture and integrate a wide variety of systems and business applications to minimize manual administration, eliminate repetitive tasks and automate them.

  • Slash the in admin so we can focus solely on fun and challenging tasks of further optimization and implementation of new solutions.

  • Make sure we build the right things together for the right reasons.

  • Keep up with the state of the art in IT infrastructure, “everything as a code,” virtualization, containerization and IT engineering processes.

  • Help us build a great team and make Northvolt a great place to work!