Technical Cleanliness Technician



Skellefteå, Sweden
Posted on Friday, October 20, 2023

Job Description

We are in search of a skilled Technical Cleanliness Technician to become a valuable member of our Quality team. In this role, you will work under the supervision of the Lead Technical Cleanliness Technician within our Compliance Quality department. Your primary responsibility will involve playing a crucial role in our commitment to establishing, upholding, and continually enhancing the highest levels of cleanliness in our operations and surroundings. Your duties will encompass defining cleanliness standards, delivering training, ensuring compliance, resolving issues, and driving process enhancements to ensure adherence to ISO 14644, ISO 16232, VDA 19.1, VDA 19.2, and Northvolt's internal cleanliness standards and protocols.

About You

You are passionate about technical cleanliness, driven by a commitment to maintaining and upholding the highest cleanliness standards. Your attention to detail and precision in technical cleanliness tasks sets the foundation for our excellence. Effective communication skills and a dedication to cleanliness standards underscore your contributions to our mission.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

  • Lead day-to-day technical cleanliness assurance activities in production ensuring that technical cleanliness specifications are met.
  • Ensure control checks are completed according to control plan in defined time.
  • Ensures robust start of production and coordinated quality handover between shifts.
  • Manage the day-to-day particle trap, air measurement management and black bin (disposal) management, including creating layouts, meticulously collecting results, calculating values and ensuring the standards are met
  • Develop a cleanliness plans outlining the regular cleaning of black boxes and the overall maintenance of cleanliness within our controlled environments.
  • Provide training to new employees
  • Provide training to new employees, focusing on cleanliness rules and behaviors in particular in the production facilities and ensure aligned with our technical cleanliness protocols.
  • Active engagement in Gemba walks is essential. Your insights and observations during these walks
    will be valuable in maintaining our technical cleanliness standards.
  • Act on deviations and ensure coordination with customer processes.
  • Prepare detailed reports that comprehensively document cleanliness activities and findings, contributing to our commitment to quality.
  • Develop and continuously improve clear and comprehensive instructions detailing technical cleanliness procedures and instructions.