Master Thesis - Hydrometallurgical Chemical Process



Other Engineering
Skellefteå, Sweden
Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Job Description

We are currently looking for a driven student to join our CAM Process Development team to work on an exciting thesis project.

Cathode active material (CAM) is one of the main components in a battery cell. The production of CAM revolves around an extremely fine-tuned process that transforms highly selective raw materials to the high quality, safe material used in our cells. It is necessary to develop flexible processes that can accommodate increasingly diverse raw material streams.

Suggested scope

Investigate several secondary raw materials that could be used in the CAM process, using in-depth material characterisation to understand the material and the challenges that need to be solved in order to industrialise this cornerstone technology.

Develop raw material selection matrix and establish raw material library.

You will have the chance to investigate and assess the reactions on the surface and the bulk of the product as well as proceed with physicochemical analysis of the material.


Raw materials are qualified in Northvolt’s small scale cathode plant.

Topics under investigation:

  • Reaction speed factors
  • Performance and reaction speed difference between lab scale and pilot scale testing

The project starting point is to pick up the current findings, proceed with testing and execution of design of experiments to strengthen current assumptions and develop new conclusion and develop decision material for material selection.