Software Engineer (multiple experience levels)



Software Engineering
Stockholm, Sweden
Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Engineering · Stockholm

Software Engineer (multiple experience levels)

Introducing evroc

At evroc, we are building a secure, sovereign, and sustainable hyperscale cloud to reimagine the digital future of Europe. By joining our company, you have an exciting opportunity to contribute to the development of next-generation cloud services. We are seeking intellectually curious and highly motivated team members who are ready to embrace the thrilling challenge of building the first European owned hyperscale cloud.

Location: Stockholm

Job type: Permanent position

Join the Pioneers

At the outset of our journey, we're not just building software; we're laying the groundwork for our technology solutions and how we’ll operate as an engineering team. As we expand, the organisation of our teams and the specialisation into product areas hinge on these formative decisions. Coming on board now means you're not just coding — you're contributing directly to how we set ourselves up for success, how we tackle challenges, and how we define our engineering culture. This isn’t just a job; it's a chance to leave an indelible mark on our technology, teams, culture, and ethos.

What You'll Tackle

      • Create the infrastructure for evroc’s other engineering teams and customers to build on. Our team is responsible for cloud storage in all its different forms as well as authentication and access management, logging and altering.
      • Create Infrastructure-as-Code deployments for internal and customers services supporting very large scale cluster configurations.
      • Seamlessly integrate and upkeep open-source components within our evolving tech stack.
      • Team up with fellow engineers to craft tailored solutions meeting our unique challenges.
      • Forge and refine tools that power team efficiency—this includes CI/CD, local development setups, build toolchains, and essential infrastructure.
      • Plot the roadmap for software component development, aligning with team priorities and vision.
      • Lead the charge in defining and achieving our technical benchmarks.

Skills We Value

      • Coding in programming languages such as Golang or Rust.
      • Experience creating and running cloud storage solutions (e.g., Ceph, Minio, SeaweedFS, Lustre) and using hyper cloud storage services (e.g., Google CS, AWS S3, AWS Glacier, Azure Blob, Backblaze, DigitalOcean, Wasabi).
      • Understanding of different storage classes, replication paradigms, large distributed data sets, consistency models.
      • Hands-on with infrastructure-as-code tools and automation, such as Terraform, Ansible, or Helm.
      • Active engagement or contributions to the open-source community.
      • Familiarity with software build processes and secure supply systems, like Bazel or OpenSSF.

We offer a competitive salary and an equity package to attract the best. Whether it’s the cosmopolitan allure of London, the vibrant Stockholm, or the Mediterranean charm of Sophia Antipolis, you’re poised for an inspiring work environment and a captivating local culture!

At evroc, diversity is our strength. We champion an inclusive environment where every background - ethnicity, age, gender identity, beliefs, and culture - is celebrated.

Applicants must possess a valid work permit.

Engineering · Stockholm

Software Engineer (multiple experience levels)