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Posted on Thursday, December 22, 2022

Research Scientist

Elypta’s mission is to reduce cancer mortality through early detection. To achieve this, we are developing the first liquid biopsy based on glycosaminoglycans as biomarkers of tumour metabolism. We are continuously improving and exploring new assays to appreciate the full spectrum of human glycosaminoglycans from structural characterization to unconventional oligosaccharides. We are looking for a research scientist with a strong expertise in glycosaminoglycans to join our R&D team primarily for assay development and optimization as well as conduct pilot research studies.


Elypta has discovered that plasma and urine glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) enables early detection of multiple forms of cancer, which could be key to improving patients’ chances of survival.

We have now accrued data from 5000+ samples using our liquid biopsy platform. Elypta will continuously improve its platform with novel assays and investigating all aspects of GAGs in cancer and health.

We seek for a research scientist in our R&D team who is passionate about GAGs and pragmatic in developing and optimizing assays.

Job Characteristics

Full-time permanent position with fair market salary and equity compensation.

Based in Stockholm.

Reports to the VP of R&D, Karin Mattsson.

Main Responsibilities

The candidate will provide expertise in glycosaminoglycans and contribute to development of assays for GAG detection, biomarker discovery and other research activities.

The responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

o Develop and optimize mass spectrometry-based assay to extract GAGs from different types of specimens (e.g., plasma);

o Perform research studies to demonstrate the clinical potential of new assays and GAG biomarkers;

o Review the scientific literature to identify new research trends in GAG methods;

o Provide expertise on GAGs to support patent filings;

o Liaise with other members in the R&D team to support ongoing lab activities;

o Liaise with the data science team to interpret results;

o Lead or contribute to the scientific writing of manuscripts for journal dissemination;

o Write supporting documentation and reports in line with the high standards of the medical device industry;

o Contribute to Elypta’s quality management system and ensuring compliance and gradual improvement within the organization;

o Contribute to a team culture based on safety, trust, performance, humility and precision.

Elypta is an innovative growing company and expects this role and challenges to evolve.

Required Qualifications

o PhD in carbohydrate chemistry or similar field;

o Proven knowledge in GAGs and proteoglycans;

o Published research in GAGs, including experience in GAG analytical or detection methods using mass spectrometry;

o Experience with mass spectrometry;

o Experience with assay development;

o Track record of scientific writing.

Preferred Experience

o Expertise in GAG metabolism (synthesis and degradation of GAGs) and functional properties;

o Experience in regulated environments, preferably in medical device (ISO13485);

o Previous experience in small biotech.

Skills and Personal Characteristics

o Precision at work;

o Entrepreneurial yet humble attitude;

o Openness and ability to communicate well;

o Ability to solve problems and know when to seek help;

o Excellent English language skills.


Apply by sending a CV and list of publications to Elypta’s CSO, Francesco Gatto gatto[at]elypta{dot}com.

At least 2 references will be required later in the process.

Employment starts at earliest possible date.

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