Product Safety Expert (PSCR)



västerås, sweden
Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2024

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Product Safety Expert (certified PSCR) with preferable
experience in incident escalation process and or recall management to join us in our mission to contribute to a greener future. The role is a part of our Central Quality team. By joining us, you will be a key player in establishing Northvolt's Quality Central organisation and contribute to building one of the first large scale European battery factories.

About the job

The candidate ensures that the company’s product meets safety standards and regulatory requirements. The product safety expert will oversee product testing is performed, certification and compliance with relevant laws to ensure that products are safe for consumers and meet quality standards. The role involves risk assessment, documentation and collaboration with regulatory bodies to ensure products are legally and safely brought to market. The role will be part of the Warranty team with a strong connection to Product Safety as well making sure that we follow the right processes and steps when needed. You are an ambassador as well making sure everybody needed is aware and knows what to do . Joining Northvolt in this role will require a strong voice to negotiate with leadership setting product safety and conformity direction. Taking the lead in times its required

About the team

You will be joining a network of Quality Management & Business Improvement experts based in Stockholm or Västerås but with a responsibility to travel weekly to Västerås and /or to the sides where the actual production work happens. Product safety challenges are unpredictable what makes it a job where you need to be flexible and could be needing to steel the show after work hours if needed. Northvolt will have accommodation and smooth commute covered but requires your commitment to be flexible to travel.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Strong communication skills required to negotiate and steer stakeholders and leadership
  • Setting priorities for product safety in the product development phase (error prevention)
  • Conducting „lessons Learned” for the qualified review of design, production, processes, or for the material properties under product safety relevant aspects
  • Capable to support and be flexible in times escalations may appear
  • Regular inspections of safety of processes, production, material, and products and predictable use and the tracking of measures in case of deviations
  • Assessing the probability and frequency of failure of the affected product in the event of failure
  • In the event of failure, planning of required measures, implementation and long term effectiveness verification is required.
  • Strong Communication skills required when meeting with stakeholders and customer in case of failure
  • Field observation regarding safety issues, and changing law requirements
  • Analysis of customer specific requirements regarding law regulations
  • Ensure awareness for product safety within company
  • Ensure communication regarding law requirements in supply chain

Apply with CV in English and your complete LinkedIn profile.

Full time employment, fixed salary.

Planned starting date is asap.